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    Help Understanding Tableau Functions Used in Solution

    Miranda Benthin

      Shinichiro Murakami

      Hi Shin,


      You helped me a couple months ago with recreating a retention graph. I have gotten new data from the person who made the original request, but I need help understanding all the functions you used in Tableau to recreate it. You created the following functions to replace the work that was done in Excel:

      • Value
      • Normalized Date
      • Count Year
      • win_sum
      • Ratio
      • lookup
      • 2017 Ratio
      • Ratio Min
      • Ratio Max


      You created the table attached, (Tableau Table screenshot.png) - I have not been able to apply my calculations successfully as you have. I apologize if it's too much to ask, but could you explain the steps you took or provide explanations to the calculated fields you created? I am now working with 2017 and 2018 ratios. I have attached my Tableau document (TEST_Hospital.tbwx), the one you previously shared with me (gap_fill_SM_10.2.tbwx), and an example dataset (Hospital.xlsx).