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    International Open Data Day 2018

    Jeremiah Roth

      Hi all,


      My name is Jeremiah and I'm a member of the recently-rebooted Code for America chapter, Open Salt Lake. We're a group of people with various backgrounds and skillsets who are interested in working on civic-focused projects that help governments work for their constituents. A big part of this is something I'm sure you're all familiar with, which is to take existing data and make it more useful and clear.


      This Saturday, March 3rd, is Open Data Day and our Open Salt Lake brigade will be meeting at the Marmalade Library at 10:00am to explore Utah's open data portal on opendata.utah.gov to complete the 2018 Open Data Census. If this sounds interesting to you, please join us!


      More info here: International Open Data Day 2018 | Open Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, UT) | Meetup