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    Parameter vs Filter Dropdown Box - different size and colors (part II)

    Ryan Carrier



      I didn't receive an answer in my previous question on parameters being physically smaller and have some better examples. (Parameter vs Filter Dropdown Box - Different Sizes )

      Two problems I can't find online:

      1 - The last filter in the object is a parameter. It is physically smaller than the filters though the formatting is the same across filters and parameters.

      from Public, having published from Desktop 10.5.1

      Link (tab 2, MH clients)
      Workbook: DSAMH Data Portal 1.0


      2 - Color highlights between filters and parameters are different shades.

      In desktop, I noticed the shading on drop downs is different between a filter (lighter grey) and a parameter (dark grey). It's okay online, but when I am using my twbx in a meeting to speed up displays (not using Tableau Public), this is pretty distracting. Any thoughts?