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    Dimension display problem when selected via Parameter & YoY YTD not displaying when using filter


      I am facing two problems - one is that I have a parameter set up to select between two dimensions. I want to show airport passengers traffic either by airline or by destination. The airline chart comes out fine - I get a line chart for each airline showing how many passengers flew what airline, but when destination dimension is selected, the line does not break into multiple charts.. I can't seem to figure out why. I also would like color coding consistent as we do the switch. For instance - United airlines to be blue and the two destinations they fly to (Chicago and Houston) to be different shades of blue each as well.


      The other problem is - I would like to create a text tile for dashboard utilizing Month/Year filter. Whichever Month/Year a user picks (e.g. October 2017) , the tile will display:

      Total Passengers for the selected month - Oct 2017 in this case

      YoY % change - vs. Oct 2016

      YTD total passengers - Jan-Oct 2017

      YTD YoY % Change - Jan-Oct 2017 change vs. same period 2016


      I have a crosstab with all the formulas and numbers, but as soon as I select a single month/year through the filter, everything else comes out of the view and my quick calculations don't work. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.

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