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    Setting permissions on All Users group through the REST API

    Tony Foster




      I'm trying to setup a system so that when I add a project, a new user will automatically be added to be this project's leader, and all other users (besides Admins) will be blocked from read/write access to the project and all workbooks inside.


      I can do this through the Tableau Server UI:




      However, when I try doing this through the REST API, I send a request setting my new user as project leader, and in that same request setting Deny to all capabilities for the "All Users" group.  When I do this, I get an error stating I can't set both Allow and Deny access for "Read" on the project for the All User's group.


      Is there a way I can accomplish this though the API?






      I was able to accomplish this by setting the all users group in the default project to be denied for everything.  I'd really like for this to be automatic though.