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    How to get date difference value in visualization with out using date field in visualization agregated value on other dimensions

    srikanth t

      Hi All,


      I have fields :1) Activity Date1,  2)type Selected ,  3)Date diff BW 1 to others calculated field and at filter

      4) parent company code : I have selected some X ,Y & Z company codes


      calculations used :


      Date diff BW 1 to others :

      DATEDIFF('day',(ATTR([Activity Date1])),([window date diff]))



      window date diff :

      LOOKUP(ATTR([Activity Date1]),1)


      My requirement is to get aggregated each activity type value(date difference Between previous -current date value) based on parent company codes selected (any company code selection) with using activity date field in tableau visualization.


      Now trying to use these calculation : it is getting error as ATTR function ..can I go with below calculation or any other calculations

      to get the date difference value at visualization level :

      { INCLUDE [Activity Date1],[Parent Company Code1],[Activity Type: Selected1] : DATEDIFF('day',DATE(ATTR([Activity Date1])),DATE([window date diff]))}


      I have attached sample screenshots. Please any one look in to these and do the needful.