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    Delete sites in tableau online

    Julio Moyano

      Hi everybody,


      I have worked with tableau online, first I worked with a trial and then I bought it.

      Now I have two sites in my tableau online but I would like to delete one but I did not find how


      When I tried to use the first site appear "this site was suspended", this site I want to delete




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          nikher verma

          Hi Julio ,


          I am not sure about deleting site on online but on server you can delete it .



          If you are getting these option is tableau online as well ,but still not able to delete the site ,that means its a default site . And you cant delete a default site not even on tableau server . Please confirm with your account manager whether its a default site or what .

          Also attaching a link on how to delete site on tableau server may be you can get some help from there .


          Delete Sites