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    Difference between "Show Tabs" and "Hide Tabs" Tabbed Views option on Tableau Server 10.4.1

    Rishabh Rathi



      We have developed  a packaged workbook(.twbx) having multiple dashboards( 10+ ) on Tableau Desktop 10.4.1


      We uploaded 2 copies of it on Tableau Server 10.4.1, first with "Show Tabs" option selected and second with "Hide Tabs" option selected.


      Size of both the dashboards on server is same ( as expected).


      The problem is, first dashboard is taking a lot of time to load ( around 5-10 mins), whereas second dashboard is taking around a min to load


      Kindly let me know what could be the possible reason of this performance difference between 2 variant of same dashboard.


      Note :We uploaded it on Tableau Server 10.4.1 with all the data sources (excel files) as embedded, i.e, extracts.