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    Applying the same filter on other worksheets


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to have the same filter content applied onto a 2nd worksheet?

      Example: I have a dataset with 4 customers - Alan, Calvin, Derrick, Eric. For the first worksheet, I filter on the Percent of Total Revenue to only include revenue above 20.5%. With that, it only displayed Alan, Calvin & Derrick.

      Filter Part 1.PNG

      On my 2nd worksheet, I wanted to only display content regarding Alan, Calvin and Derrick. However, I'm faced with the following issues:

      1. Percent of Total filter is a table calculation, hence I'm unable to perform "Apply to Worksheets"

      2. I do not want to include revenue detail on the 2nd worksheet, so the parameter option will not work for me as well.


      Sorry if this question sounds odd. As there is confidential data, I'm unable to show the correct dataset. In my scenario, the table calculation filter was created based on a lot of other attribute and table calculation. Hence, I do not want to bring the same filter onto the 2nd worksheet as it will bring in a lot "unnecessary" attributes.

      Also, do note that, I'm currently using SSAS data source.


      Thank you in advanced.