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    Primary and secondary filter

    Céline Roman

      Hi everyone,


      I'm building a dashboard that would show some analysis "per month", so basically the user has to select a month on a filter.

      I would like as well a calculated table where the user would have to select another month, different from the one selected above. 


      In the prt screen here, the user would have selected previously "august" (that would stay fixed) and then would have to select a second month to do comparisons.



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          Jim Dehner


          Filters don't work that way - once a dimension is filtered down to a single value like you show that is the only value that will be in the view -


          OK so what can you do - the action you are describing is what parameters do - they are single valued and remain constant until changed by the user

          see the link Create Parameters



          You also need to back up the parameters with a calculated field - what you describe sounds like an   if then calculation use  and OR to join 2 clauses


          like    if [date] = parameter 1 OR [date] = parameter 2 then something.....



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            Céline Roman

            Hi Jim,


            Thanks for your help!


            I'm sending a quick view of what I'm trying to achieve as I am not sure where I should use the parameter.

            (Please don't pay attention to the layout).




            What's circled in blue refers to the same filter. (There will be even more charts and analysis in the final product for the same month).

            In red it's another filter referring to a calculated table but I want to make sure that the month selected in the blue part is also selected in the red part.

            So, should my parameter be the month selected in the blue part?


            The other idea I had was to have 2 tables "Non Food Index" (each of item filtered with a different month) and then compare these 2 tables.

            But I couldn't find a way to compare directly 2 tables.


            Comparing similar tables