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    How do we remove permissions of "Exclude" and "Keep Only" .. orphaned permissions?

    Jason Scarlett

      A part of our server auditing includes removing any permission set to the "All Users" group. In our organization this group includes both internal and external users, and we don't want it used ... ever.


      Our monitoring dashboards (similar to others posted in the forums) join a series of postgres tables. The results are fine with one major issue. There appears to be permissions of "Exclude" and "Keep Only" on a small number of workbooks. No matter what we do, we cannot find a way to get rid of them. They do not show up as options via the permission management web interface, and I could not find these permission listed via the REST API documentation.


      My only guess now is that these permission are leftovers of years gone by. Has anyone else seen this ... and know how to remove them?