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    How to calculate a percentage across two data sources?

    Benjamin Dageroth



      I have two tables:

      Table A: All Orders incl. the date of purchase, item, order-id, marketplace, quantity etc.


      Table B: All returns, incl. the return date, item, order-id, quantity but not marketplace and some other columns.


      Now I want to create dashboard which shows me the return rate of each item on each marketplace for the last 60 days.


      The first thing I did was to connect Table B with table A to have the marketplace available in table a for each returned item, not a problem.


      But how do I get a dashboard, which shows me the number of returns (return-date) divided by the number of sales, grouped by marketplace and item?




      Month | Item     | Quantity B = returns | Quantity A = Total sales | Quantity B / Quantity A = return rate

      Feb     | Item 1  | 10                              | 100                                | 10%

      Feb     | Item 2  | 5                                | 100                                | 5%


      And I would like to restrict this to the last 60 days, but one time it would be regarding the purchase date in Table A and the return date in Table B.


      This is my desired result. If anybody could help me on how to do that, that would be great.


      kind regards,