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    Connect to presto database

    Hady Shaaban


      If I connected tableau with presto database, how can I refresh data at tableau automatically at scheduled times. So no need to open tableau desktop. Could it be done ?

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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hello Hady,


          Based on your question, it sounds like you want to access your data/workbook on Tableau Server. We offer a few options for you to keep your data fresh data in Tableau Server without needing to open Tableau Desktop.


          1. You can create your workbooks using a live connection and publish them to Tableau Server. As long as you include credentials, Tableau Server should be pulling in the live data when you open the workbook.


          2. You can create an extract and publish the data source or the workbook to Tableau Server. As long as you include the database credentials, you can schedule automatic refreshes of the extract (either as a data source or a workbook) to pull in the updated information without opening Tableau Server. More information on Extract Refreshes can be found here: Extract Refresh Schedules

          Please note, if you're using Tableau Online - not all data sources are available as a live connection and you may need to extract your data. However - scheduled extract refreshes are available on Tableau Online.


          Hope this helps!



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