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    Using Workbook as a Data Source

    Bryce Kendall

      Hi all,


      First time question so I hope it isn't too blatantly obvious but is there a way to take the data sources that are in a packaged workbook and build a new file off of that?


      So basically I'm trying to build a dashboard for someone who receives a very large dataset in a .twpx file. This file has some "dashboard"-esque qualities, but is basically unsightly, untamed, and, in essence, a large data dump for the user to sort out. What I want to do is take just the data sources that this workbook uses and start a completely fresh file in which to build the dashboard. After building this I would like to update it from whatever packaged workbook we receive with updated data.

      For example, say we receive a January dataset in this workbook and I have a current dashboard using December's dataset, I want to merely save the old workbook in a location and then extract the new dataset into the new workbook which already has dashboards and visuals built.


      I hope that question is clear! Any help is appreciated and I'd be happy to clarify.


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          Mark Bradbourne

          There is no way to use a workbook as a data source. Can you not point to the actual data source?


          If it is a TWBX, you can change the extension to a .ZIP, and open it as a compressed file, and remove the data and save it seperately, but there is no automated way to do it "Out of the Box"


          Also, this method is no supported at all by Tableau

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            Bryce Kendall

            Oh hi Mark


            Unfortunately I can't point to the original data because it's from a third party vendor.

            However, I think I figured it out--simply selecting "more" in the "Connect to a File" menu lets me select the workbook and then extract individual data sources from the workbook itself, which, I believe, will solve my problem in the future.

            I'll update this if it does or doesn't. In the meantime any other solutions or workarounds would be appreciated as well! Thanks!

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              Mark Bradbourne

              that reference is not lost on me... LOL


              The problem with referencing the workbook, it that it looks to grab all the settings, then want to direct to the original source (at least what I have experienced).


              Let me know if you find different results.