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    JavaScript/HTML Code For Viewing Multiple Image URLs In A Single Web Page (And Then Placed Within Webpage Container)

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hey guys, so I'm trying desperately to find a workaround to the apparently very popular Tableau question: "Can I view / open multiple webpage containers on a single dashboard?". It's become apparent that this is not going to happen without some sort of developer coding.


      So I have an idea and - as I'm not an HTML or Javascript expert by any means - I thought I'd question the community to find out if you think it's possible before I spend too much effort trying to see if I can somehow, miraculously get it right:


      So to start off, let me explain the situation I'm currently in. I have attached a sample dataset that has Store # and a number of different image URLs for each store. When I filter on a Store #, I'd like all URLs for that store to appear at once in their own webpage container on the dashboard. I already know this is not possible; I'm just simply trying to explain what I'm looking to achieve so that there's no confusion.


      Multiple URLs Datasource Format.png


      So I thought: Would it be possible to create / encode a single webpage that displays multiple URL images in a single view and simply insert that page's URL into the webpage container?


      Someone posted a similar question on StackOverflow and it seems there is a way to encode such a page: Create a hyperlink that opens multiple images in one page using html - Stack Overflow. Here is a visual example of one of the solutions that were offered to him:


      Multiple Image URLs In Single Webpage Example.png


      Obviously the above image would be a better example if it showed different images instead of just 5 of the same; but you get the idea.


      So now, I know creating that type of webpage can be done. The dilemma I know face is whether the code for that page can be tied / linked to actions / filters taken inside the dashboard itself. So that the part of the code that includes the image URLs will dynamically change based on what URLs are showing on the worksheet once the filter has been applied. I'm not sure if this relationship between Tableau and the code in the webpage can be established or not?


      I see there are multiple help articles online that mention including filterable parameters in javascript codes:

      Tableau JavaScript API Concepts--Filtering



      But as a newbie 'coder', this is pretty new territory for me. So my question here is really... do you think something like that could be set up / is possible?