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    Can Anyone Help Me On This Please?????

    Nishant Dwivedi

      Hello All,

      Hope you all are doing Great.


      I am using Tableau 10.5.0 as my Desktop Version and Server is 10.05.1(Which is updated this weekend only).


      I have a Workbook which has 2 data source 1) Tableau Published Datasource which is a View from MSSQL

                                                                              2) Excel Sheet which is live(target Sheet)


      Now what is happening is the dashboard is showing all blank(No Data) from morning onwards. And when I create a local copy(Or Make it Live) of the published data source the data can be seen. But as soon as i again publish that local copy(Extract) the dashboards again becomes blank showing nothing but the First month of all the years that is Januarys Data only..  whereas I want all the month's data Jan,feb,march---- dec


      before getting published to the server it pops up below error.


      I want to have all of my data as it used to be.. and the Published data source which is throwing an error is being used for last 2 years and suddenly its throwing error today.


      Can someone please me on this as I am not able to get this thing anywhere on the internet??Does it relates to the new .hyper extension for the extracts?? Please reply


      Many Thanks,
      Nishant Dwivedi