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    Poster Printing with Tableau graphs

    Yasir Zahoor


      I am relatively new to Tableau and i am inspired by its capabilities so far. i am in middle of creating a poster whose deadline is in a couple of days. Now i want to use few graphs and plots that i have made using tableau in the poster which is of A1 size. The text (as prescribed in the poster template) should have a size 20 or 22.  No whats the best way to achieve a uniformity in the poster when i import the chat image to poster  in power point.  I have tried changing the size in Tableau manually for the graphs but that makes it a  out of proportion in tableau environment. Please let me know how to achieve it in the best possible way. I just want a uniformity in terms of font and size when every thing is in place in power point. need to print these posters also.


      best regards