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    Dashboard does not refresh

    Gautham Pai

      Hi All,


      I have 2 dashboard using the same data source extract and having a menu action to take from the first dashboard to the other. I have used all fields in the targeted fields. In desktop it works fine where the second dashboard filters down to what i have clicked on.


      But the server behave differently where the action takes me to the second dashboard but always shows up blank unless i hit the page refresh for numbers to showup.


      Is this a bug? or am i missing something here...


      Desktop v10.3.5

      Server    v10.3.1




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          Tim Dines

          If possible, you should share your workbook.

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            Gautham Pai

            @ Tim I found the solution for the same.


            I had created Revenue bin for bucketing purpose and the use case was to click on the bin which will take me to the next dashboard where it will show the day's which has resulted in high or low revenue. Kinda like a calendar.


            Now here is the funny part.. The works fine on the desktop but on the server it does not work. The action will take to the next dashboard but it wont display any thing.


            The solution was to use the Revenue Bin in details of the calendar sheet. Now by doing so it works on the server. Puzzling but get the work done