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    Finding Median irrespective of group/category

    Deepika Goyal

      Hi Team,


      Need your help in below scenario.


      We have almost 120 branches across the country and each branch belongs to some category (e.g. Premium Branch, Average Branch, Normal Branch). I have created one graph which is showing sales generated by branch ( branch filter on the top, can select only one branch at a time) on time series and let's take an example this branch belongs to Premium Category ( there are around 40+ branches belongs to the premium category). Now, I want additional Line/Bar which represents the median of all the branches present in the Premium category and another line which represents the best branch sales over the time series.


      Just to summarize over here, we are creating one graph which has time series in one axis and sales in another axis.

      There are 3 lines on the graph:

           1. Sales generated by the selected branch

           2. Median of all the branches which belong to the same category of selected branch

           3. Sales generated by the best branch in the same category of the selected branch. Definition of best means the maximum sale.


      Can anyone please help in this.