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    Reuse datasource and make joins in new workbook

    Lotte van Slooten

      Hi all,


      In our company we make a similar workbook for several customers. The basis for these workbooks is a big datasource with a lot of joins. Then for most of the customers we need to add (= Join) some extra information which is customer specific.

      What I wanted to do is publish this basis datasource to tableau server and make a workbook per customer where we join this published datasource to some extra customer specific datasource. Unfortunately we found out that is not possible.


      So my question is what would be a way the reuse a scheduled datasource and still be able to make joins, keeping this in mind:

      The initial basis datasource is quite heavy to make due to it's joins. So I really would like to make this one time and reuse the result. Also if we need to change something in the datasource in the future I would like to do this one time.


      We had a couple of new ideas but did not get one of these to work so far:

      -     Create an extract from tableau desktop and use the extract as the next datasource. The problem is we do not know how the schedule the update of this extract.

      -     When we publish the datasource to tableau server I guess it has to be put somewhere. So can we connect to the file on the backend in a way we can still join to this datasource. Problem: Where are the files and which type of files are these.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Lotte,


          Its very hard to understand what your question is so I'll answer the only one I could identify.


          Problem: Where are the files and which type of files are these.

          When you publish a datasource to tableau server, they go to the server equivalent of \documents\my tableau repository\Datasources\10.5\ on the server C drive. They will either be .hyper or .tde files depending on your version of Tableau.


          You will need to remember when publishing your dashboards to also re-publish the datasources using the Server > Publish Data Source > data source menu.