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    Am I incorrect in thinking the maximum "In Process" extract tasks should match the # of Backgrounders?

    Toby Erkson

      'Cause it don't on my production environment!




      I've always always always seen the number of Background Tasks for Extracts be equal to or less than the number of Backgrounders I've allocated.  However, today I now see TEN extracts running!  10 decimal, 12 octal, A hexidecimal.  What the...?

      My primary has 16 CPUs and the worker has 8.  I just triple-checked.  No license violation emails, error messages, so I must be legit.  The worker is running like mad, all 8 CPUs maxed out, while the primary is just snoozing, barely a blip on any of the CPU graphs in the Task Manager.


      There was only one change made to my servers and that was the removal of McAfee antivirus.  Why was that there?  No idea cuz it wasn't there originally, someone in the VM team allowed it to come back.  This was discovered last week so I created the change ticket, explaining that it wasn't originally there and it shouldn't be there in the first place and the team involved was in agreement so it was removed today, actually, just minutes ago.  Yeay but, huh?


      Has anyone else experienced more background tasks running than available Backgrounders?  If such a thing is normal then would the antivirus be the reason this was "holding me back"?  Or is this just a coincidence and what I'm seeing is due to some other Tableau Server phenomena I'm not aware of?