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    Boise TUG restarting!

    Derek Noce

      Hi Everyone - I'm happy to report that we're restarting the Boise TUG! I'm aiming to pull a meeting together the week of March 19th. TUG meetings are great opportunities to share our knowledge, network, and get update on all the great innovations and enhancements from our friends at Tableau.


      Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a place to meet (e.g., your company/organization's meeting room, a restaurant/brewery, or a meeting space in a public building of some type). Looking to be either downtown Boise or somewhere centrally located (Meridian?). Perhaps room for 25-30?


      We're also in need of a presenter or two for each meeting - are you able to share some of your Tableau knowledge in terms of lessons, insights, or how-to? Please send me a message and we'll discuss.


      I'll get an Eventbrite registration link posted as this comes together.


      We also have a Linkedin group - please join it if you're active there.


      Thanks very much - I can't wait to meet everyone!


      Derek Noce


      Connect with me at: