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    Registration is now open for our next TUG.  Looking forward to seeing you at UNH!

    Adam Ackerman

      Link: New Hampshire Tableau User Group Tickets, Thu, Mar 22, 2018 at 8:30 AM | Eventbrite




      Please join us for the next NH TUG meeting to build a local New Hampshire based Tableau community, network with peers, and share Business Intelligence experiences, challenges and lessons learned. As a local New England based Tableau partner organizing the NH, ME and VT User Groups, we’ve seen first-hand the value community networking can have in supporting each other as a user group.


      8:30 - 9:00 University of New Hampshire Analytics & Data Science Program- "10 Tips in 30 Minutes"

      10 Tableau Tips in 30 Minutes is brought to us by students and faculty of the Analytics & Data Science program at UNH. One of the most critical skills that differentiates a good Data Scientist versus a great one is the ability to present the analysis and insights of their data for different audiences and stakeholders in a variety of formats (static/interactive/dashboards/infographics). Data Visualization, a course offered by the program, teaches students the visualization skills necessary to be effective Data Storytellers which helps engage their audience in a story about the data. The course focuses on concepts as well as hands-on experience of presenting data from initial concepts to final presentation by creating meaningful displays of quantitative and qualitative data to facilitate peer/managerial decision-making by reducing the cognitive load.

      Read more about Analytics & Data Science program on the UNH website.

      9:00 - 10:00 Rapid Miner - Advanced Analytics Use Case

      Dr. YY Huang will be presenting a credit card fraud detection case walking users through the building out of the advanced analytics process. She will begin with data ingestion, walk users through data preparation, what machine learning algorithms are used, and ultimately how it can be published out to a data visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlik, and Power BI. YY will show how this can be built on his local machine, and then leveraging a server for increased computing and deployment capabilities. After walking the users the fraud detection, YY will give a brief introduction to Spark and show how the same model he built on her desktop can be run in a Hadoop/distributed computing environment. Time permitting, to showcase another use case of advanced analytics and machine learning, YY will walk users using machine learning to detect suspicious emails.

      Speaker Bio: Dr. YY Huang, Data Scientist RapidMiner Inc – YY is a PhD Data Scientist who has spent the past three years consulting with clients around their data science needs. YY works with companies starting their advanced analytics journey helping them to prove out value with the models and deploy them out to the business. She has worked with customers across all verticals and use cases.

      10:00 – 10:30 Tableau User Group Networking

      Members of the New Hampshire User Group want to build relationships among the community to share challenges and ideas. This networking time is set aside to provide an open forum for idea sharing and informal Q&A.

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          Cristy Cardoso

          For anyone who is interested, here are bios from the two Graduate students presenting '10 Tips in 30 Minutes' on Thursday at the NH TUG.


          Serina Brenner

          Serina graduated from UNH in May of 2017 with a B.S. in Business Administration with an Information Systems option. Among the skills Serina acquired, data management was a specialty, and she excelled at the creation of data visualizations using Power BI. Serina benefited from extensive training in advanced data manipulation using Microsoft Excel and various ancillary plug-ins available to the program.


          In 2017, Serina and her teammates won the Liberty Mutual Datajam competition where her team was allotted four hours to analyze data to answer a prescribed question. The competition relied on encoded census data spanning nearly 400 columns. After being told that her winning work exceeded expectations, she was encouraged to further her education in the field and is now near completion of an M.S. in Data Analytics at UNH.


          Through her master's coursework, she has learned programming languages including Python and R and has worked on varied projects from data cleaning to predictive modeling. Serina has turned a keen interest in data visualization into expertise in displaying complex datasets as easily understandable dashboards and data stories. With her Master’s Degree expected in May of 2018, she is currently searching for a career opportunity in data science that will best utilize her visualization skills.


          Dan Walsh http://danwalsh.us/about-dan/

          Dan Walsh is a healthcare professional, data scientist in training, and adventurer with a love for problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and persistence. Born in Concord, New Hampshire, Dan grew up with a love for science and the outdoors. After completing his bachelor of science degree with a concentration in biochemistry and minor in business at Cornell University, Dan was an orthopedic research specialist at the University of California at Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA before moving on to complete a masters in physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.


          After graduating, Dan founded the New Hampshire Med Bank, New Hampshire’s only charitable pharmacy that collects unused, unexpired medications and dispenses them to low income NH patients who cannot afford their medications. Over $300,000 worth of medications which would have otherwise been incinerated were placed in the hands of patients because of the team of pharmacists and technicians that Dan coordinated and led.


          After 4 years of leading the New Hampshire Med Bank along with other healthcare projects in the state, Dan made a drastic long term career decision. While working in medical research and non-profit healthcare over the years, Dan’s ultimate goal was to pursue medicine and he was accepted to Tulane University School of Medicine class of 2020 in 2016. Despite his admiration for the Tulane program, Dan’s experience within healthcare made him realize that his personal values and interests were no longer aligned and committed to the great path of medicine.


          Dan was instead called to the opportunities within data science and analytics with a focus on healthcare issues. Dan is currently working on his second master’s degree in data science and analytics at the University of New Hampshire and will complete his degree in May 2018.


          In his other life, also called his slacklife, Dan is a seasoned slackliner, rock climber and adventurer. Dan’s passion for slacklining began on a small slackline in a local climbing gym in 2013. Since then, Dan has vigorously pursued slacklining. He is an ambassador athlete for SlackTech, a leading slackline equipment company in the US and is the Treasurer and an Executive Board Member for Slackline U.S., the leading U.S. Slackline organization which works nationally to improve access, knowledge, and conservation efforts for slackliners. Additionally, Dan publishes the annual Slackline Accident and Injury Reports for the International Slackline Association (ISA). Dan has a particular interest in rigging practices for highlines, spacenet rigging and construction, and giant rope swings. Locally, Dan founded and coordinated New England Balance Festival, a weekend-long slackline, yoga, tree climbing, and camping festival, along with the Slackline New Hampshire group.