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    Session ended by server problem - too many concurrent users

    Vishal Jethwa

      Hi All,


      We currently run a very heavy extract based setup where be build a lot of them between 8am-2pm. During certain sessions where there are a number of concurrent users using workbooks embedded in a webpage (training sessions), when we reach around 17ish concurrent users we sometimes see a "session ended by server" and a spike in CPU usage. I have seen the KB article about this, but cannot find any entries in the logs. Is there anything specific I should be looking for in the log files. We currently serve our customers off a 8 core licence with 64GB RAM on a single-node.


      Note our workbooks are quite complex so I'm guessing the CPU is maxing out based on views being rendered. We are currently running 10.4.3. Our configuration is as follows


      Gateway - 1

      Application Server - 2

      VizQL Server - 4

      Cache Server - 4

      Search & Browse - 1

      Backgrounder - 1

      Data Server - 2

      Data Engine - 1

      File Store - 1

      Repository - 1


      Toby Erkson Jeff Strauss


      Any ideas how we could investigate this further and/or take measures to stop this. We'd rather not buy another licence.