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    Advance Filtering with Multiple Dimension


      Hi All,


      Met with a tricky one here and hope that you guys would be able to help me on this!


      Below is my dashboard where top left sheet is the "Summary table"

      I am trying to create a filter where the rest of the sheet will follow the selection on the Summary table.

      However this is not possible because the summary table does not consist this unique ID called the "RMO Interaction ID"

      I know by inserting this unique ID into the Summary table will resolve this issue - but it will change the outlook of my summary table which I don't want.

      Is there any alternatives or solution to this? Truly appreciate your time and help to look into this problem!


      Many thanks,


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          Jyothisree Rayagiri


          The filters seem to be working fine.

          You do not need to have the RMO field in the summary table if you only want to select the Status and LGB from the summary table.

          If you want to give option to filter the details sheet based on the RMO, you can just give the RMO filter to be shown at the top for users to select.


          As of now, if you click on any box on summary table, the other sheets are being filtered out based on the status/lgb selected.

          Is it not what you are expecting ?



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            Hi there J


            I need RMO field to be the factor for filtering here because it is the lowest level.


            Currently, it is filtering based on Status and LGB from the summary table which will bring up lines of data that I do not want to see...


            For example in the summary table, if i click on a box that has 5 RMO ids - The filter will filter based on Status and LGB dimensions which will result in more data being filtered which is not accurate for users. How should i fix this? Appreciate your advice!



            Thank you