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    How to display the Ranking when we have Dual-axis chart and we want ranking based on a single measure?

    Bhagyashri Patil

      I have an issue, where I have to generate Top Countries by specific Sport played by them in Olympics. So, I have created a dual-axis chart because I wanted the Country Flag Symbol besides the "Country Name" dimension.


      Now, the part where I am struck is that, I want the countries to be ranked in Ascending Order based on their "Total Medals"count. So that when the user scrolls down to bottom of the list, it will make sense of what is standing of the country with other countries.


      When I tried adding "Rank" calculative field, the Bar chart breaks up into two parts, viz. First part for Gold and Bronze medals and the Second part for the Silver medals. Also, ambiguity in the ranks can be seen after using the calculative field.


      Kindly suggest me any solution so that I can have the Ranking to the Countries based on their Total Medals Count.


      Thank you.


      PFA Packaged workbook "Olympics" for reference, which is in Tableau 10.5 version.