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    User management

    Artee Jajoo

      Hi Tableau experts,


      Can we have a role/users, so that they can only do User Management but do not have access to Tableau workbooks and data?

      Typically we have seen that when we grant user management for a Site or Server, they also have access to workbooks & data which is not desirable for us.




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          Hello Artee,


          Currently the ability to add and remove users to Tableau Server requires a site or server role that will also grant access to view the workbooks on the Tableau Server. The users would have to at least be a site administrator which would give them access to that site.


          + Assign Site Membership


          Having additional permission models would be a great Idea to share in the Tableau Community Ideas space. These are reviewed by the Tableau Product Mangement team for upcoming releases.




          Hope this helps!




          Byrne, Patrick