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    This year vs last year same period

    Poojala Alekhya


      I have an issue in tableau please can anyone help me with this

      1.when i select a date range as today then it should display Feb 1st to Feb 23rd and it should display for last year same period.(I have tried with tableau online calculations but its not working).

      2.Here i will select date as Today then it should display last 7 days.



      Thanks in advance.

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Poojala


          You need two parameters in this case rather than using filter.


          assume two parameters, FromDate and ToDate


          create a calculation with your date field like


          [Date] >= [FromDate] and [Date] <= [ToDate]


          [Date] >= Dateadd('year',-1,[FromDate]) and [Date] <= Dateadd('year',-1, [ToDate])


          and drag this to filter.


          Hope this helps