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    Tableau online dashboard refresh using Tableau bridge

    Sivasankar Muthusamy

      Much appreciated if someone could clarify some of the questions I have with tableau bridge . 


      1.Connection established from Tableau online will starts only when I am trying to refresh a specific data source / workbook or the connection established as soon as my tableau bridge is running ?

      2. Each data source has its own connection established or a single  TCP connection which will then shared by all the data source ?

      3. Have the Bridge client makes a call to the tableau online and communicate if there any change on the data on a frequent interval of time or It has only the inbound connection from Tableau online when there is a refresh request ?  I have noticed sometime when I refresh a dashboard, the dashboard is refreshed immediately and no 'Querying live' message appear on the tableau bridge connection status. Does it mean the tableau bridge do the auto refresh in a specific interval ?

      4. Does the Tableau bridge has both inbound and outbound calls to Tableau online ?

      5. Does the Tableau bridge will refresh only one data source at a time or it will do the refresh of multiple data source when using the Live connections ? I have some of the dashboard built using the Live connection and each dashboard have it own connection used.   What will be the behaviour of tableau bridge when the dashboard refresh made in parallel ?.