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    10.5 Group Subscriptions

    Wes Reneau

      Hi All,


      I was told that prior to 10.5 every subscription on Tableau Server required a rerun of the view per individual. For example, if 10 users subscribed individually to the same view with the same schedule the server would execute the view 10 times. Also, if someone subscribed multiple people, it would run the view multiple times, even though they are listed in a single 'subscribe others' section. Is my second scenario true?


      Does 10.5's ability to subscribe users in groups decrease the cost of subscriptions? Also, does 10.5 still require that the email address be a user with an account? Meaning, is the only way to send an email to an outlook group is by creating a Tableau server account for that group?




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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Wes!


          Tableau 10.5's feature is Subscribe Users in Group - which means that a unique subscription is created for each user in the group, rather an a single subscription for the group itself. You'd see the same performance and email address requirements as individually subscribing each user, it's just easier to subscribe them


          Tableau Server should be hitting the cache to send the same view to multiple people in a subscription - if you are seeing performance degradation from sending subscriptions, please open a case with Tableau Technical Support and they can analyze your logs to see if the cache is being utilized properly.

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            Wes Reneau

            Thanks for the response Carisa!