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    Join into a calculated field

    Tim Mullady



      I have one data set with a 'hotel code' and 'date'.  I have one calculated field based on the [date] like the following.


      ---DATE BUCKET


      IF [Date] >= #10/01/2017# AND [Date] <= #12/22/2017#

      THEN '2017 Q4 1222'

      ELSEIF [Date] >= #12/23/2017# AND [Date] <= #01/06/2018#

      THEN '2017 Q4 0106'


      I'm then concatenating them together to create unique identifier


      [hotel code]+[DATE BUCKET]   example - XYXABC2017 Q4 0106



      Is there anyway that I can join a data set into the unique identifier?  The create join calculation... feature does don't have the calculated field available in the list.


      Or could I use [hotel code]+ IF STATEMENT for the DATE BUCKET




      Any information would be greatly appreciated.