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    Feed Tableau with Power BI..... is it just a dream?

    Jimmy Nguyen

      Hi dear Tableau community...


      I have the feeling that Tableau requires clean database to work well. Unfortunately, it is not the case of my data :

           I have to load data from a folder with every week a new file (I need to agregate the files)

           My files are not clean and need to numerous transformation before


      It was heavy but I managed to do it with Power Bi.

      So now, I have a clean database in Power BI and I would like to use the visualization capabilities of Tableau.


      The question is : How can I feed Tableau with data in Power BI?

      The objective is to avoid to Open Power BI, extract the table, save it in a folder and Connect Tableau to this table.


      It would be great if we can connect the 2 Tools.... but I have the feeling that they just don't want to....


      thank you Tableau Community.