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    Percentage of Sales at view level (Op income / Net income / Gross Margin)

    Santos Mummey



      I'm trying to figure out how to show an aggregate calculation that will allow to have a calculated field that will show total sales in EVERY ROW within the Net income dimension. I'm building an income statement, and want to show each line as a percentage of total sales. I want the data set to be dynamic, meaning that there are multiple companies and years within the data set, and so I would like the %'s to update when filtering through data.


      I tried using an if then statement


      IF [* P&L - L4 Sales / COGS]=="Net sales" THEN[Amount (LC)]END


      and then a non-aggregate calculated field


      {sum([Net sales])}


      The second formula gave me a total on every row, but it was totalling ALL company codes.


      Here's an example of how the income statement is being built. So for example I would want to see Marketing as a $ of total Net Sales.



      Any info you can provide would be great.