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    Return to a Date which Running_Sum[Cashflow] = Half value of total Cashflow


      Dear All,


      I'm running into a problem and I could not figure out even with browsing the community.


      Here is the problem,


      I got a date and a column of cashflow value,


      I need to get the exact Date, when


      Running Sum value equals to half value of the total Cashflow,


      Here is what I've tried, but no luck,


      IF RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Cashflow]))= (SUM([Cashflow])/2) THEN [Date]



      The answer should be around 1/1/2076, which cumulative cashflow at 1/1/2076 ($356,002.5) is HALF of the Total Cashflow ($712,005)


      Any thoughts, comments, hints?


      Thanks a lot,






      p.s. Tableau 10.5 twbx file enclosed