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    Google Analytics and Tableau Aggregation - Users count mismatch

    Radi Saran

      I am connecting my GA to Tableau Desktop and I dont see the numbers matching up. My GA has data from the beginning of this year. 


      I am using Dimension : Date and Measure: Users


      When I pull data for individual days, the number of users align exactly. But when I group by week (which is my requirement) , the numbers dont align. By default, Tableau is summing up the measure. Is this right? Should I change any calculations there?


      Also I would need the same data with Dimension: Default Channel Grouping and Measure : Users. This should be grouped by week.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Radi,


          Better think of GA as a 'cube' (and it actually is).

          Every Measure value you've got from GA is an aggregate

          calculated for each combination of the unique values

          of the Dimensions taken.


          And aggregates could be additive or not.

          Distinct count (of Users for example) is non-additive.

          The results calculated for each Day doesn't sum up nicely

          at the Week / Month / Year level, since there are repeated Users.


          So to get 'true' User counts from GA, one should do it separately

          for each level of granularity (daily / weekly / monthly etc).

          In Tableau it could lead to having different datasources for each.


          Hope it could help understanding.




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            Steve Chapman

            I am having a similar problem, only for me the unique users aren't even aggregating at the day level correctly. I'm getting values nearly twice what they should be.


            The dimensions I am using are: Country, Date, Device Category, Page, Source/Medium.


            Is some combination of these the problem?