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    Tooltip not displaying in Tableau Public

    David Oliver

      *** EDITED 2/23/18 9:45 A.M. ET ***

      I updated my initial post to include a packaged version of the workbook, in the hopes that this will help with finding a solution.


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      Hello all,


      I'm having issues with my tooltip displaying when I save to Tableau Public.  The information displays as expected when viewing the worksheet/dashboard on Tableau Desktop (version 10.5.1), however, when I save to Tableau Public, hovering over the objects does not display the tooltip.  I'm not sure if there is a simple explanation I am over-looking.  Pictures are attached demonstrating the issue, if there is anything else I can include that will help, please let me know.  Thank you!



      ***Here, my cursor is not visible, but it is hovering over "Graham Township".  The location is outlined in black, with the tooltip showing up.




      ***This is a screenshot of the dashboard when saved to Tableau Public.  When I hover over the same area, the area is not outlined, and the tooltip does not display.