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    SharePoint Lists Connector

    TIm Gavin

      I am using Tableau Desktop 10.5.0 and successfully connected to a SharePoint Custom list, using the built in driver from CData.  The list has over 20,000 items in it.  I am perplexed as to why this connection works.  I would have thought that the list view threshold would have caused an error.


      I did another test connecting to a SharePoint document library that had 6000+ files loaded to it.  This time I did relieve the error message: "The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator. (0x80070024)"


      Anyone know why this is happening?

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Tim,


          Tableau connects to the default View for a SharePoint List - is the default View for the first List filtered to be less than 5000 items? I'd expect to see us hit the List View Threshold error in both cases.

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            TIm Gavin

            I have no filters on the default view.  I created the list in  Excel and imported the Excel document to SharePoint.  Its a really simple three column list.  One column is a counter the other two contain random text. 

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              Carisa Chang

              I just realized in your original post you mention connection to a SharePoint Document Library - as far as I know, the Lists connector was only built/tested for connecting to Lists, so that may be the issue.


              As to how the List Connector is getting around the list view threshold, that surprised me. I'd guess the CDATA driver has been written in such a way to pull back the data in batches, or in a way that doesn't trigger the list view threshold error.


              And maybe connecting to a Document Library instead of List is what triggered it - potentially as a red herring - in the second instance?