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    .HYPER much larger, and slower to create, than .TDE

    Devin Brown

      I have an extract that I have been refreshing every week for over a year, with roughly ~30million rows and maybe 150 columns combined including a primary Teradata connection with two left joins to Excel documents. This has taken roughly 1.5 hours to create and has consistently resulted in a ~6gb .TDE file.


      Since upgrading to 10.5 a few weeks ago, this same exact extract takes ~3 hours to create and results in a >10gb .HYPER file.


      Is this the typical experience of others using 10.5, and are there any known specific scenarios in which .HYPER results in a longer extract time with a larger file whereas otherwise it would be roughly equivalent to .TDE? I'm not seeing a significant jump in performance, either, so I'm left scratching my head about what benefits there are that would prompt Tableau to implement this new architecture.