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    Create a chart out of calculated data

    Ebbe Vig Nielsen


      I'm fairly new with Tableau and ran into a problem that I couldn't figure out how to solve.

      So I have a data set with some prices in EUR and prices in GBP on a lot of different days. What I did so far is create a simple sheet that then shows the % difference of the prices in the following format.


      ArrivalDeparturePrice in EURPrice in GBP calculated to EUR% Difference
      6. September 201814 September 2018519470-9,44%
      6. September 201815 September 2018584525-10,10%
      6. September 201816 September 2018649581-10,48%


      Now what I would like to do is show a graph of the amount of times that the % difference is more than 10% or less than - 10%, so in the example above a chart saying that it happens 66,67% of the times.


      Edit. Another thing that would be useful, if the graph is difficult to pull out would be a way to highlight the row if the difference is more than 10% or less than -10%


      Any help to get me in the right direction would be appreciated



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