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    How lock project permission works for nested projects?

    Mark Wu

      Tableau’s first release for nested project is 10.5. I anticipate more nested project features are coming in future releases. Here is how it works for nested project based on my test on V10.5:

      • Only top parent project can be locked
      • If parent is unlocked, child can’t be locked
      • For locked project:
        • All child projects are locked
        • All child projects have same permissions as parent project has.
        • All permission changes apply to all child projects automatically
        • Child projects can still have different owner
        • Child projects can’t have different project leaders

      One big feature gap is that child project can’t be locked when parent project is unlocked. Please vote for this feature IDEA @ https://community.tableau.com/ideas/8455


      Read more about lock project at my recent blog @ Feature Adoption - Lock Project Permission - Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group

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          Toby Erkson

          With the advent of child projects comes increased administration with permission complexity.  I just created 4 levels of sub-projects -- Default is the first level a.k.a the parent (I got bored after that, no idea how ridiculously deep the levels can go but I'm sure someone will find a "use case" that seems valid to them ) and I certainly don't want every sub-project the ability to have permissions independently of its siblings. 

          Most of my business users have no IT background (or slept through those classes at university) and don't understand/comprehend permission inheritance as it stands for a single workbook in a project that is managed by the owner.  So imagine if a developer -- and I am using that term VERY loosely! -- complains to me that "the Tableau Server is broken" because someone can't see the individual viz in a workbook that is buried 7 sub-projects down!  Oy!


          It will be interesting to see how permissioning evolves for this new project/sub-project realm.

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            Toby Erkson

            Just a FYI:

            I went to my "3rd level project" and deleted it.  EVERYTHING in it and below it (i.e. sub-projects) was deleted as well.  However, I was given a confirmation, second chance, before performing the permanent action:

            For many of us such a delete action is expected so I'm just posting this for other, less-experienced admins to be wary of


            Permanent.  Too bad there isn't a Recycle Bin...