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    Filemaker + tableau problem

    Sebastian Edman

      Hello, I've been trying to connect tableau to filemaker using this guide

      FileMaker & Tableau | A Match Made in Data Heaven! – beezwax > blog


      First part, all good, no problem a fm file running on the server with the privileges needed.

      However when I'm going to use the webconnection in tableau I cannot get it to work.


      passing my server domain just like it suggests (with my own domain)


      but get "Unable to load the following URL:....."


      Im pretty sure there are a domain error? But Im not sure to debug this.

      When Im testing the like above I get 404 error. I've would expect some credential validation or whatever.


      Sorry really new to this, so if anybody have the smallest guideline I would be very happy




      macOS Sierra v 10.12.16

      FM server 16

      FM pro advance 16

      Tableau desktop 10.5