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    Running total line showing comparison between 'week year' with 'week year -1'

    Diogo Braga

      My goal is to compare application volume between 2 academic years on a weekly basis.


      The final outcome will look like Picture 1. 2017-2018's application volume data is represented in the orange line and 2018-2019's in the blue line.


      The challenge is that the year has 53 weeks, but the window to receive applications is 59 weeks. For example:


      2017-2018 applications can be submitted from December 2016 to May 2018

      2018-2019 applications can be submitted from December 2017 to May 2019


      So year must be included in the x-axis (refer to Picture 2), but now we have these issues:


      -The line breaks between years

      -We lose the comparison on the same vertical line between week numbers shown on Picture 1.


      I am thinking that the solution needs to include a calculation that will say bring together Week of Current year and Week of Last Year. Not sure how to develop this, but this table will give you another idea what we need to compare:



      2016 W462016 W472016 W482016 W492016 W502016 W512016 W522016 W532017 W12017 W22017 W32017 W42017 W5
      2017 W462017 W472017 W482017 W492017 W502017 W512017 W522017 W532018 W12018 W22018 W32018 W42018 W5




      Picture 1:





      Picture 2:



      Thank you!