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    Apply custom views to new workbook

    Michael Dahlin

      I have a set of custom views for a report that allows the user to determine which network to examine. In this case, each network consists of between 10-30 values within a filter selection. For example, Network 1 consists of categories 1-30 of the filter, Network 2 consists of categories 31-39 of the filter, Network 3 consists of categories 40-49, etc.. For reasons I can't explain, I cannot create these network categories in the underlying dataset so I've defined them as views within Server. This seems to work adequately. However, every time I create a new Workbook, is it possible to apply those "views" to the new workbook? Or must they be manually recreated every time?

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Michael,


          Custom views include the name of the sheets/filters/other attributes for the specific workbook you create them on - so they can't be transferred from one workbook to another. Have you tried created a parameter or calculated field to store the information? It could be added in Tableau Desktop rather than in the underlying data?