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    Marks label not appearing

    Diogo Braga

      Labels should show for 2018-2019 Current Week ( Week 8) and 2017-2018 Current Week (Week 8) and Week 39. It shows for some grades but not all. Allow labels to overlap other marks is selected.





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          Joe Oppelt

          I looked at the settings at the level of "ALL" marks, and no options were selected for labels:



          Not Line Ends, or Highlighted, etc.  Once I clicked ALL in there, all your marks showed up.  Give it a try.

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            Diogo Braga

            I found out that the issue is not on marks label, 2 calculations are returning Null for some grades hence no label. Let me know if you have any feedback.


            Week 39

            IF MIN(DATEPART('week', [Apptime]))=39 THEN [Application 2017-2018] END


            2017-2018 Current Week

            if min([Week])=min([Newest Week] )

            then window_sum(COUNTD([Application 2017-2018d]),first(),0) end

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              Zhouyi Zhang

              Hi, Diogo


              Since some of the week, there is no data for a certain grade, the MIN(DATEPART('week', [Apptime])) will return nothing.


              So I will suggest to make change to your calculation of week39 as shown below



              Hope this helps



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                Diogo Braga

                Thank you very much! Why INDEX()=39 shows Week 40?! I checked, and INDEX()=38 shows Week 39.

                It works for my purpose, but I am just wondering the reason, and to learn more about INDEX() .

                Thank you!



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                  Joe Oppelt

                  Diogo -- There is no Week36 data on the sheet.


                  INDEX() is a value that shows the position of each mark in the table.  You have all weeks up through week 35 in your data, but there is nothing for week 36.  So there are 35 marks from week 1 through week 35, and the INDEX and Week Number match for those weeks.  The next position in the table, index=36, has week 37 data because there is no week 36 data.  INDEX and week number will no longer match from week 37 forward because of this.


                  Create this calc:




                  Then put it in tooltips.  You can see the value of INDEX as you scroll across the line.  By the time you get to week 51, INDEX is only 48, so other weeks are missing in there as well.


                  I find this [INDEX] calc extremely helpful when I am messing with table calcs.  I use it to make sure I am walking the table in the order I need when I do my table calc settings.

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                    Diogo Braga

                    Thank you for the explanation.


                    I foresee some challenges in using INDEX() in my situation. The real dataset has 80+ schools and not all of them receive applications every single week. The goal is really to show the application running total at Week 39.


                    I am thinking maybe I should join my dataset with a calendar table with every date of the years 2016-2017-2018-2019 to create new records for the missing dates. I have a feeling this would be better done outside of Tableau, maybe Maestro in the near future or any other data prepping tool.


                    Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thank you!

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                      Diogo Braga

                      Hey Joe Oppelt ,


                      Let me know if you have any feedback on this. In regards to my last comment here, I learned that dataset missing dates will show if I click on 'Show Missing Values,' however, I can't get them sorted properly.


                      I am asking this here: Create Dates in Tableau


                      Hope you can help. Thank you!