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    Google Analytics in 10.4+ no longer works after changes to Authentication workflow.

    Ryan Farina

      First off:

      I have already put a ticket in and the end result is it will need to be an enhancement to be complete at some indeterminate time.


           The issue I am having is a bit difficult for me to fully grapple, but essentially in Tableau Desktop v10.3, Working with Google Analytics opened up the local Tableau Browser and the authentication (oauth) workflow ran just fine. Once we moved up to 10.4 (also tested in 10.5) it now opens up in your default browser as opposed to Tableau's browser. This comes with some additional workflow changes as well, for example Tableau begins to listen on an arbitrary port for a callback. The issue we are having is Tableau listens on the ipv6 local address([::1]). You can watch Tableau open up a local port in the resource monitor. When the request gets passed back from google through our internal network, it gets blocked before the workflow can get the info to the listening local client. Our network team basically says they do not currently, nor do they intend to in any time in the near future, support ipv6 addresses. The end result is authentication into google services from within our network is impossible in versions 10.4 and beyond.


      The initial URL requests have been pulled via fiddle and are below:






           I am no expert in the google oauth workflow, but from what I can tell there is basically nothing we can do on our end to resolve this. The end result is we are forced to sit on 10.3 until this gets resolved. My question here is, would anyone happen to know of a way we can resolve this locally that would not require our lan admins to open up ipv6?