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    Sankey of Changing Groups

    Laura Urciuoli

      Hi Guys,


      I'm working to try to create a sankey showing the movement from one group to another.


      The data is working with three columns, the individual/person, the group they were in week 1, and the group they were in week 2.


      I want to show a sankey style chart to show the flow from each group. I followed Biznalysis Sankey Diagram - YouTube instructions to create a sankey, but his data looks at an individual level, with each group only having one curve, while I want to group mine.


      Basically I want a visualization like this one:

      Image result for sankey chart

      But with 'Week 1' and 'Week 2' instead of 'Customer Class' and 'Product Line'.


      Attached is some sample data.