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    Help with heat maps and updating weather profile

    Ramandeep Singh

      Hello Everyone,


      Thank you for reading my post. I have spent a lot of time before i moved here and started looking for help. There's not a lot on the internet that can help me solve this issue related to heatmaps and bin data OR i might have missed it.





      I made heat maps using the energy data and weather temperature Bins. The problem is the heat maps colours are showing up in the empty cells (no data) and is causing a lot of distraction. Is there a way that the empty cells are not coloured and stay invisible? It works if i am not pivoting the data under site names.



      All the sites have different weather profile. So, how to change weather automatically when i change the site number.? I tried to create a calculated field (using IF ELSE) but it didn't work because i am trying to reflect Weather Bins when site number is changed.


      I have uploaded the workbook and two screenshots for your reference.


      thank you!