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    Modify status site/server admin views

    Sylvain Cogné

      Hello everyone,


      we are currently facing a question in our Project : is it possible to modify the pre-built admin views contained in the Status menu in order the delete all user specific Information? They will not give anyone the ability to track users Actions on the Server... at least not site admins...


      I have found where the temp reports are stored and potentialy where the templates are, but did anyone already modify them?


      Other question : do you know if a poweruser could modify those Info on the postgres to anonymate data without corrupting the DB?


      Thanks a lot in advance for your help.




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          Toby Erkson

          1.  You can use and modify the temp reports (alter and then Save As... to another location).  This is the smartest way to customize these reports and make them available to users if you wish.

          2.  Don't even think about touching the Tableau Server db

          • You'll immediately surrender support from Tableau and
          • Nobody here will be able to help you
          • It could have negative effects on other reports or internal tables with a cascading effect on other custom admin reports people offer here in the forums
          • If Tableau changes its environment (which it is known to do) your work could become invalid or, most likely, break your Tableau environment
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            Sylvain Cogné

            Hi Toby,


            thanks a lot for your answer !!! It confirms what I was thinking about modifying the Server DB... that is not an option :-) !!!


            Regarding the admin reports, actually what we are asked to is to modify those status reports inside Tableau server so that site admin would not be able to track individual actions like login or publishing for individual users... For exemple they would like this reports "Action by individal users" completely ereased from Tableau Server status reports... It would means changing the reports templates and I am not sure if this is possible...


            Do you have any idea if this is possible?


            Thanks a lot again.



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              Toby Erkson

              Sorry Sylvain, what you require is not possible

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                Sylvain Cogné

                OK... at least we know ;-)


                Thanks a lot Toby




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                  Gerardo Varela

                  It is possible to change the admin views.  It is definitely not supported nor recommended.   The file you're looking for is:




                  Inside this zipped file live the templates used for the admin views:










                  If I had to do this I would just change the Custom SQL and just pull in what I needed or didn't.  Crack those templates open in your favorite text editor.  Find the custom sql and make the changes you need.  You have to make sure that you call everything the same thing or else the calculations in your template will break.



                  This isn't a how to more a it can be done.  Nor is it for someone faint of heart. Took me ton's of trial and error and breaking the templates before I had a couple of things working.  So please use caution, don't use your production server, always have a backup, not supported, likely to break in the future, and once again not supported.


                  Best of luck,













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                    Toby Erkson

                    While I understand taking on a challenge, sometimes it's best to just not open that can of worms