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    Show All Picture URLs In URL Containers When Filtering A Worksheet

    Leanne Vermeulen

      Hey guys, so here's an interesting mind-bender for you: I have a dashboard where an action has been set up to filter the URL displayed in the URL container:


      Select Photo Dashboard Action.png


      I have two issues with this:

      1. In order to see a preview of each URL, I have to physically click on a symbol in the worksheet to get that link to appear in the URL container

      2. I can only view one URL at a time


      In a nutshell, I'd prefer to not have to click in order to view a URL, but instead for the URLs to appear automatically when a filter is applied at 'Store Number' level. So if a particular Store has 2 pictures, I'd like to be able to see both pictures at the same time.


      As URL dashboard actions do allow for multiple values, I tried the following with no success:

      Multiple Values.png


      Essentially, I tried creating a calculated field that combined the ATTR() function with the URL field, so as to create multiple values and then removed the level of detail from the worksheet table, keeping only 'Area'. But when I tried applying this, it still didn't work.


      I then found a way to concatenate all attributes of a field (such as all URLs for a single Store) into one string, separated by commas - with the use of Table Calculations. But that still gave me an error message:


      Multiple Values Error.png


      Just a side note - I was able to add a static 'Store Index' number to the original dataset that corresponded with the Index() table calculation I'd applied, so that I could keep the maximum INDEX per partition on the Viz level without removing the underlying data (I used the 'TableCalculation's Index = MAX StoreIndex per Store' type of methodology).


      I modified the concatenated string's calculation to include the commas and delimiter escapes mentioned in the Actions 'multiple URL' setup; but it still didn't work. I even tried using special URL encoding as suggested here: Unable to Use Special Characters in URL Parameters | Tableau Software but still with no success. I'm not sure if maybe I'm not using them incorrectly; or in the wrong places or incorrect order?


      If we can get these multiple URLs to display, then the only remaining issue is to get them to appear automatically when Store filter is applied, without having to interact with or click on the worksheet / perform an action.


      Ideas, anyone!?