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    Supporting Table without table Union

    Juhn Mer

      Hi All,


      I'd like to have my supporting table filtered using my summary table above the dashboard. I want to show only the numbers I click based on my snapshot date and whatever criteria i choose. for example, I have 41 submitted previous week under 2/18/2018 snap date. When I clicked this, I want my table to show only these 41. But looks like that is not the case due to my 1 and 0 formula to get each of my measures.


      Is there any way to do this other than Union? Union works correctly but my problem is that I have too much data in the database and Union will just make it bigger. I would like to ask if there is other way to solve this.


      Can anyone help me or if you have questions, please let me know?


      Thank you so much,


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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Juhn,


          The data in Snapshot and Supporting is not able to be related as their is no 1/1 identifier between the two views.  Snapshot uses calculated measure name fields based on some rules that can not be related directly to rows of data in Supporting on any sort of  logic that I can find.   The measure names created provide two values - 0 and 1 and the underlying view of these records, for example in the case of the 41 records on 2/18, this is really a subset of the 911 records that comprise the underlying data for that table.  There are 41 value with sum of the value of 1 but there are still 871 records with a value of 0 in that data.  The measure is providing a 0 or 1 value for each row rather than excluding some members. 


          We could take the field Submitted Prev Week and place this on the Filters shelf but then this will impact the values for the other Measure names. 


          I think you are on the right track with fixing the underlying data instead.  You might consider reviewing Maestro -  Project Maestro | Tableau Software  which is currently in Beta to work with the data before bringing it into Tableau.  Maestro is an open Beta currently. 


          I hope that helps.



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            Juhn Mer

            Thanks Patrick. A lot clearer now.

            Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will then go to my data and see if I can present it differently before going to Tableau.

            Thanks so much again.